It’s heading into winter now in Ireland so that changes a few things in my daily life. Mostly I’ll have more time/inclination for indoor activities:

In worky things

  • I’m still very busy working for Coach as we implement some big new features and change our direction. It’s taking the majority of my time and mental energy.
  • I’ve started working on Buzzerbot — a analytics and customer success tool for the Intercom platform. Early days but that will burn up any free brain cycles that Coach leaves me
  • Although I’m full-engaged with Coach, I’m also repositioning my future consulting work. Coach will likely be the last early-stage startup I work for. I’ll be positioning myself more towards delivering “customer success”-focused development projects under the moniker Retention Works. Things like analytics, prediction systems, onboarding, account retention etc.


  • I’ve got my new aquarium in a good state but there’s a bit of maintenance work to keep it stable. And I’ll hopefully find some more Long-finned Rosy Barbs to complete the roster
  • I’m feeding up the local hedgehogs to to get them ready for hibernation. I’ll also be tagging and weighing them in the next week or two for my records
  • I’m swimming more in the pool and thinking ahead to the summer when I intend doing some proper open water swimming. Before then, I need to improve my fitness (comfortable 4km swim), technique (improve stroke rate), and limit my shoulder & elbow problems over the winter.

This is what I’m doing right now. I’ll update this page when anything changes

— Jamie Lawrence, 4th October 2016