Interim CTO

So, you’ve got your idea.

You’ve got some funding lined up.

Your potential customers are clamouring for early access.

Now, where do you start?

You need a technical confidant

This is a crucial moment in the life of your business. This is the moment when some technical choices need to be made. When you get to set how technology is applied to solve the very serious business problems you’re solving.

This is where you need to guide the early product development;

  • choice of programming language and framework, not based on what’s trendy but based on the unique challenges your business faces.
  • who you hire and how they work together
  • understand the balance between speed of development and the risks you can tolerate
  • set up the systems, both people and services, that control how your development works

These decisions aren’t made in a day, by filling out a questionnaire or twiddling some dials. They’re made every week in small product decisions. They’re made in every line of code: was it tested? Was it reviewed? Is it sloppy? Is it knowingly imperfect, but satisfices the goal? Did it cause another member of the team to have to rework their code?

The first year of your product defines the direction of your business.

Why you should trust me?

I’m a software developer with over 15 years of experience. I’ve worked in successful business, and failed startups. I’ve worked in large enterprises and embryonic teams. I’ve seen it all.

I’m pretty vocal about vacuous startups but vigorously defend and cheer for those building valuable businesses.

And what you need is experience + judgement + someone who will speak up.

Who I work with

We’re probably not a good fit if

  • you’re starting a consumer app. I’m generally focused on businesses where there’s a clear value to the customer and this is best in the B2B market.
  • similarly, mobile apps are generally a poor business unless backed by a larger service. I just don’t have much to offer a startup that aims to “make it up in volume”
  • you don’t have any funding. Previous founders I’ve worked with have funded the initial development from their previous businesses or existing consultancy income Or they used their existing network to raise a small seed round. I don’t work for free; for many many practical reasons and a few pretty obvious philosophical ones. I don’t believe that any competent technical person with an ounce of business acumen (exactly the person you need!) will work without payment. But if you disagree, I bid you farewell and good luck.
  • you’re looking for one of the top developers. I mean, I’m good but I’m not a genius. I’ve been told that my code is some of the easiest to read and work with. But my real strength is in combining my skills as a developer with everything I can learn about finance, copywriting, user experience, user testing, visual design, human psychology, and so on. It’s coding + insight not coding in a dark bedroom.

Ready to begin?

I’m looking forward to hearing about your product!